PurMop 2.0 ERGO-S

The 2.0 ERGO-S is a unique, touchless cleanroom cleaning system of the second generation made of high quality stainless steel. In combination with user-friendly accessories and a selection of our PurMop® safe or basic use mops this system combines ergonomic handling with a durable, cleanroom suitable design. The intelligent ERGO cleanroom cleaning trolleys set the highest standards of cleanroom cleaning. The innovative mop wetting device guarentees reproducible results and avoids excess fluid. The intelligent mop discarding mechanism enables a hands-free discarding of used mop.

  • Durable full stainless steel construction, polished surfaces
  • GMP compliant design, easy to take apart and clean
  • Unique mop wetting device for safe results
  • System includes mop discarding system, waste bag holder and handle holder
  • Plaque for individual marking
  • Grease-free, non-marking, ESD castors
  • Unit completely autoclavable